the copyedit

is classified as a rules-based process which evaluates ways to make your transcript accurate and consistently complete using industry standards and applicable style guides.

This process provides ways to make a manuscript correct and consistent using industry standards and guidelines.

This copyedit process also includes a line edit.  The line edit will address your creative content, style of writing and language use at the micro-sentence and micro-paragraph levels.  Its purpose is to evaluate how you utilize language with clarity, precision, emotion, tone with correct words to tell your story to the reader.

There are several guides, such as The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style, MLA, Chicago, APA, Associated Press, etc.  We are familiar with them all.

The language rules, legal reviews (copyright, trademarks, and other permissions), design consistency and bibliographic references/citations are included with the copyedit. 

This alerts the client to possible legal problems and analyses the document structure for the typesetter/designer.

This process prepares your manuscript for the query process, or for your publisher (if you have one waiting for your work).


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