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As your personal editor, we will help you prepare your book for the journey into the publishing world, independent or traditional. We will refine your masterpiece into a work of art easily understood and eagerly anticipated by your readers and maintain your voice.

Your words have the power to transform the world. Your words, assembled into the art form of a manuscript is a team effort – behind the scenes – before your book is even ready for the publisher.  It is a lot of work and authors need to invest in a quality edit of their project.

The publishing market is extremely competitive. The rejection is intense. The days are gone where a publisher will do all the work for you.  A polished product makes you stand out above your competition.  Our professional editing services provide that cutting edge refinement.

Attract and impress your readers with a fabulous edit of your project.

The ripple effect – they buy it, they love it, can’t put it down, then they tell all their friends!

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Founder, Cathy Oasheim


Cathy Oasheim served six years in the U.S. Navy during the 80s. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from Regis University, Denver, Colorado.  She studied combat PTSD and communications and fell in love with the publishing business during an internship with a Christian publisher.  She has been a contributor to the Women Veterans of Colorado blog, editor, and contributor to publications for the Transformation Project Prison Ministry, technical writer as an engineer in the telecommunications industry, and former Executive Director of Veterans Twofish Foundation; a Christian publishing ministry.

“I am passionate about what I do.”

Cathy’s unique mix of analytical thinking, psychology, and Christianity, coupled with being a woman military veteran, contributes a unique, multi-faceted perspective to your project, independent and traditionally published authors, along with fiction and nonfiction.  She loves wholesome projects, working with authors and feels blessed to read the stories while working behind the scenes.

Cathy Oasheim currently serves as a volunteer for the Library of Congress Veteran History Project as she is preparing to interview veterans in 2017 to document their oral history — in their own words.  The project aims to preserve the memory of veterans for future generations.  If you are a veteran, she wants to speak with you about an interview.


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