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Our mission is to refine your masterpiece to the very best it can be with the highest quality editing, formatting, and design.

You have spent a lot of time creating your work of art.  Now, it is time for the next step. What is the next step for you?  That’s right! A perfectly refined copy ~ publisher ready.

We will refine your masterpiece and elevate it to excellence to help your writing be the very best it can be.  We offer several different types of editing: Substantive, copyediting, and proofreading.  We also offer book cover and an author web page design options.

It is always best to do the very best edit you are capable of before utilizing our services. We want you to be happy, and that is why we offer a try-before-you-buy, FREE two-page edit to help you get a feel for our style and how we work.

Publishers are very busy these days, so the cleaner your copy, the better your chances are gaining their attention.

Remember to order your FREE two-page sample edit! 

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Services we offer:


editing is where the editor reviews and considers the big picture of the manuscript. This type of editing is also known as developmental or comprehensive editing. Once you have completed writing and self-editing your manuscript, the substantive edit includes some of the following elements: Content Design Document concept Grammar Intended use Organization Presentation Structure Style … Continue reading substantive

the copyedit

is classified as a rules-based process which evaluates ways to make your transcript accurate and consistently complete using industry standards and applicable style guides. This process provides ways to make a manuscript correct and consistent using industry standards and guidelines. This copyedit process also includes a line edit.  The line edit will address your creative content, … Continue reading the copyedit


is the final step before going to press after a Substantive Edit, or a Copyedit and is already formatted. By this time, your manuscript has been reviewed at least five times.  Some manuscripts require dozens of reviews. The number of edits will depend on the type of manuscript and the size of the word count. In general, your … Continue reading proofreading

your book cover

is a critical sales tool. Your book will literally be judged by its cover.  An attractive and genre-relevant design invites readers to pick up your book. A great title is another critical sales tool. Whether you are going the independent or traditional route of publishing, you will need a compelling cover design.  It puts your … Continue reading your book cover